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What is m[ai]nd?

maind is a software tool that allows you see your clients' wellbeing at a glance, but also dive deeper into what they've said in between sessions. Read journal entries, assign homework, ask for feedback, exchange session reflections, and more!

maind also helps you create, keep, and arrange case material clearly and securely, allowing you to get a thorough overview of your therapy timeline.

By downloading the maind app, your clients can easily connect with you and enter a fully immersive therapy experience.

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The power of a journal

Centering around journaling, clients can create entries, complete assigned homework, and keep in touch with their clinician more fluently than ever before! maind offers an immersive therapy experience between sessions, helping clients make progress faster.

Plan sessions with maind's insights, review your client's emotion graphs, and help them achieve results with minimal time investment.

How does m[ai]nd work?

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Review your client's emotion graphs and homework before a session.

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Review specific feelings or reports together during the session.

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Assign homework, request feedback, or exchange reflections before next time.

Two things above others


Unlike most mental health apps, maind uses a thoroughly tested machine learning model developed by our own AI experts. It analyses journal entries to extract keywords and primary emotions for streamlined summaries.


maind has its own Data Protection Officer in charge of overseeing the privacy of the product. maind will aggregate data for scientific and policy design purposes, but will never divulge it to third parties.

Why m[ai]nd?

Improved treatment outcomes

Improved treatment outcomes

Being able to add an online dimension to an in-person therapy experience enables therapists to address clients' needs more accurately, leading to better treatment outcomes and higher client satisfaction.

Privacy at the core

Privacy at the core

maind is committed to providing the highest standard of security to protect client and therapist data. We comply fully with GDPR and will never divulge information to third parties.

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I am very excited to keep working with my clients through maind and to help them be more aware of how their thoughts and feelings influence their behaviours

— Giouli, maind psychologist

Happy maind client
With maind my clients feel that I am still there for them outside therapy sessions

— Happy maind user


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The team behind m[ai]nd

Erika Reivala, Head of Product

Erika Reivala

Head of Product

Ines Vaittinen, User Architect


User Architect

Ossi Siipola, Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Fernando Leon, Business Developer



Alban Schieber, Business Developer


Developer &
Data Protection Officer

Jesse Korpela, Software Developer



Giouli Chrysikou, Senior In-House Psychologist


Senior In-House

Kleopatra Chousou, Junior In-House Psychologist


Junior In-House

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Access your patients' profiles, journal entries, emotion logs, and AI insights, and engage with them through customisable prompts

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